All For One And One For All!

The Lightning Strike softball team was founded by Bryan Marcus aka Mr. B in 2009. Putting together this team has from an experiment to a sternly base culture. Along the way changes had to occur some really unforeseen but in the end I have been truly blessed. I will go to battle with this group and it will only only be sweeter when we capture the crown. The reason for this exuberance is two fold. The first is just reaching the mountain top which is the goal and that will be achieved. Secondly and more importantly we will achieve this goal as a cohesive unit, and that is the ultimate achievement for me as a manager and part-time player. 

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One for all and all for one. Kind of cliche but we are a team and we are there for everyone. No one is bigger than the team and together we are whole. Kind of corny but that is how I feel.  

— Mr. B